Samstag, 1. März 2008

Die negative Spirale

Unlike it's title, this post is written in weird english. Don't complain.

Instead of talking to my friends (or whatever state the people I would have been able to talk to tonight may have), I'm sitting right here in front of my box and typing some stale nonsense right out of my brain. Some of you non-existent readers may ask why. And indeed there's an answer: it's far more interesting.

I have to admit that I'm getting bored of both things and people very fast (the only things that permanently keep me alert are the ever-changing worlds of women and coding). Anyway, I really tried to stay vigilant or at least kind tonight, but it ended up in being bored and showing it. May it be the whiny, self-pitying man, frozen in a world he might not have been chosen, but also doesn't try to change. May it be a woman that should be old enough to at least have a clue where the path could lead here, but is trapped in the common and often seen self-underestimation (absolutely unnecessary in this case), deficiently covered by loud declaration of the contrary.

I'm not snotty when saying: I've already seen it. I will see it again. I can't do anything about it. It just saddens me, especially in tonights event. I've spent (or rather wasted) a lot of energy in my former life of "Drakanor the healer" trying to replenish other lifes with aspects they might miss. I earned denial and grey hair. People obviously like to suffer or at least to pity themselves.

Now I'm just bored of it, sorry.

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